Running with hammers

I just bought a spotlight desk lamp for my dorm room. Honestly I think I am a tad bit too excited about it. 

Guys…. IT’S A SPOTLIGHT. Without the noise!


All the new Les Mis pics and the article. 

Hey everyone it’s been awhile….

I have’t been doing much stage crew things lately since it is the middle of summer. I am hoping to fix that when I get to college. I already made friends with a theatre major so hopefully I will know when I can start looking for crew stuff. I am a little worried since I do not want to get in the way of people pursuing this as a living. I am considering minoring in tech work though so I can maybe work at concert venues but as you know I favorite floor work…. 

In the meantime why not send me some crazy crewling stories?

What a life I might have known!


okay, look at this thing. Look at how many buttons it has. What in the good name of thespis would ever need that many buttons and levers and switches and gaaah my brain hurts just looking at it. That is a lot of goddamn buttons, ok? Why.

EDIT- Okay, actual tech…

HELLO THERE! I see that you enjoy crew. My friends and I are the stage crew at our high school and we also have a blog called crewpr0blems. Feel free to check it out! Oh, and on a completely irrelevant note, your blog is amazing <3

Thank you so much :) I will definitely check you guys out!


Submitted by lotrelflover7

I received a $1000 scholarship last night for Stage Crew. Just a reminder to my fellow crewlings that we are acknowledged.